SMART4ENV aims to improve TUBITAK MAM R&I capacities to strengthen its scientific reputation, attractiveness and networking channels while stimulating scientific excellence in the field of Smart Environmental Solutions (SES) for climate change adaptation and mitigation of key applications for the Turkish economy within water, agriculture, and public health sectors. TUBITAK MAM is the leading institution in Turkey, that needs to keep improving at the international level because of the overall, research (refers to the volume, impact and quality of the institution’s research output), innovation (calculated on the number of patent applications of the institution and the citations that its research output receives from patents), and societal (based on the number of pages of the institution’s website and the number of backlinks and mentions from social networks) rankings. The project will develop capacity building of permanent scientists, Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) training, enlarge cooperation between academia, industry, and stakeholders in Turkey with a general sustainable framework for research, international networking, mobility, and integration in the European Research Area (ERA). Strengthening the experience of researcher staff of TUBITAK MAM, including a new generation of young scientists, will be developed through the cooperation with EU partners of established scientific excellence in the topics and demonstrated experience in economic impact and awareness raising to at the end contribute to the implementation of environmental sustainability, digitalization, and green deal action plans of Turkey.

Expected Outcomes

Spected impact

Our innovative approach is improving environmental quality, public health, and resilience to climate change, thanks to our smart technological solutions that provide intelligent, connected, and responsive environmental services. We are also fostering a sustainable use of water and enhancing treatment systems for stable effluents quality, resulting in a better customer experience and improved communication

Expected Outcomes

Study cases

Case studies will favor the innovative solution finding and transferring know-how, lessons learnt and best practices through networking activities from EU partners to TUBITAK MRC while developing capacity building and dissemination.